Greetings from Ms. Videophile

Welcome to my blog, Ms. Videophile, where I’ll share with you information I know about professional video production.  It will be fun and informative and my hope is that you can take away something that you will consider the next time you are tasked with making a video – whether it be for work or pleasure.  I have been a video producer since 1989 – holy cow that’s 23 years!  The one thing that I will say from experience is – there is a process for making good video content and just because you can hold the technology in your hand doesn’t mean you’re one step away from an Emmy.  One of my favorite sayings I’ve heard along the way is “pencils have been around for centuries…it doesn’t make everyone a great writer”.  I believe anyone can learn how to tell a great story with video but it is definitely a team effort.  For today I thought I’d share with you a video I came across while doing some research for a project.  When a video moves you emotionally, it’s a job well done!  You can watch it by following the link below.

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