I Bet You Probably Know Who Joseph Kony Is By Now

This past Tuesday my 11-year old son Luke asked me if I knew who Joseph Kony was.  I told him no, I’d never heard of him.  On Wednesday I saw a friend’s post on my Facebook who said her daughter just shared a link with her about Joseph Kony.  On Thursday, the focus of one of the many MediaPost articles delivered daily to my inbox told the same story.  The author,  Gord Hotchkiss was asked if he knew who Joseph Kony is by his 16-year old daughter.  Okay, you have my attention, who is Joseph Kony?    Last night I took 29 minutes to watch the powerful video about the atrocities inflicted by this individual in villages across Uganda.   What is most amazing to me is that a team of documentary filmmakers who have been working on this cause for more than eight years have achieved global attention.  It is the most powerful demonstration of the medium.  Not just the video, but the use of social media to spread the message.  And they are taking the message and moving into action.  I’ve attached a link to the video here.  Pass it on, everyone needs to know who Joseph Kony is and by the looks of this movement, we will.


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