What’s Your Video Strategy?

In a recent article from MediaPost’s Online Video Insider, Adam Singolda coined “2012 as the Year of (Video) Dragon”.  In his article he looks at how the advancements of some of the first companies in the online video space have created models for success and are now ready to stand up and be noticed. Very recently he notes, “video was cool but it was not “it” just yet.  However, 2012 has arrived, and now video is becoming “it” – yes!”  He goes onto say as an expert in the field he already sees Directors of Video being hired by companies, events centered all around video, and big companies hiring consultants to advise their board on how to build a video strategy.   Now is the time to consider your organization’s video strategy.  Aztech Productions can help you plan for results that impact your bottom line.  Contact us today.


To read the whole article, follow this link: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/166953/2012-the-year-of-the-video-dragon.html

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