St. Pio Catholic Regional School – South Philadelphia

Responses provided by Marianne Garnham, Principal, St. Pio Catholic Regional School, South Philadelphia

What feedback have you gotten since the video debuted?

“Without exception, the feedback we have been receiving from faculty, staff and parents has been highly positive! Parents have said “this is just what we need” and our faculty has been very proud that what they do has been portrayed accurately and positively.”

What advice would you give other Catholic school principals who are considering producing a video for their school?

“I would strongly encourage them to look at videos done for other schools and to contact Aztech for a initial meeting. While I was slightly hesitant initially about the financial aspect, there’s no doubt in my mind that this was the right way to go for marketing our school.”

Did the video exceed your expectations? In what ways?

“The video was accurate when it came to facts about our school (always an important aspect, without question). But the video so strongly captured the “feel” of our school – our Catholic identity, our sense of community, our being an extension of the family. It’s easy to accurately portray the nuts and bolts of the school, but I was blown away by how the video captured the intangibles that make us St. Pio Catholic Regional School.”

Do you think the video that Aztech Productions produced accurately portrayed your school community?

“Absolutely! Our parents and faculty commented that what they saw on screen made their feelings about our school concrete.”

When people inquire, how do you justify the cost of having the video produced?

“Marketing a school, or any other product for that matter, cannot be limited to ads or articles in a newspaper anymore. This generation of parents is more strongly oriented to digital/video outlets such as web pages and dvds. If we want what we have to offer to reach the greatest number of people in the shortest amount of time, having this video on your school web site will accomplish that and more! “You reap what you sow.” The ability to reach potential school families is well worth the cost.”

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